“It all makes perfect sense. I can see that I have been using the page the wrong way and I understand what you are saying. The funny thing is that being in advertising I should had been doing this, but I had the idea that by keeping it impersonal would have a better result. Boy was I wrong. I never looked at it from your perpective.”

Juan Carlos, Founder/CEO, Share the Road Apparel

“Jordan is a masterful marketer, incredibly knowledgeable, inquisitive, genuine and savvy! She pushed me to contemplate ChakWave’s marketing strategy from new angles, focus on my vision, and put care into crafting the company’s story in an honest way. Jordan facilitated an awesome Behind the Brand: ChakWave, a first class online event happening Tuesdays on a Facebook page near YOU!”

Jacquelyn Richey, Founder/CEO, ChakWave

“Jordan is one of a kind. You can’t find anyone like her, nor can you find anyone like the type of service she can bring to you and your company. I hired Jordan because I liked Jordan, and she surpassed my expectations in providing expert social media strategies for my photography business’ online presence. She helped redefine my online face as well as educated me in effectively using social media tools to strengthen my business. Jordan is 100% consistent, personable, and works with the utmost integrity. Jordan has my full recommendation and I guarantee that you won’t regret working with her.”

Johnna Brynn Bockover, Founder/CEO, Johnna Brynn Photography

“Through her expertise, Jordan has helped my business connect in a network with other professionals and develop a strong voice in the social red. It has been a pleasure working with Jordan she is very creative and has an incredibly fun personality.”

Paula Player, Founder/CEO, Paula Player Photography